Ladies Bible Study

We are a group of ladies who meet every second Tuesday of the month in the Cross Link Centre in Winner Street at the Paignton Baptist Church.

We gather around 10.15 a.m. and enjoy a cup of tea or coffee and a chinwag together.

At 10.30 we have a word of prayer and then watch a DVD about a book of the Bible, which is all inspiring and often can blow one's mind.  There is a book accompanying the DVD and encourages discussions.

We have already studied the books of Jonah, Psalms and Timothy, and also other Christian themes.

Last year we watched a Glimpse DVD entitled Living Distinctively, these studies sparkled much discussions and debates in the way we view the world, money, war, the sick, the untouchables, the homeless, our friends or family and our neighbours.

Do you want to study the Bible in a small group?  Have you questions regarding the Word of God and Christianity?  Then this friendly group is for you - please come and join us. you can find out more information by e-mailing our enquiries, and we will be in touch soon.