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Paignton Community Larder

We were all sad to learn of the closure of Anode, which has been of great assistance to needy people in Paignton for the last ten years. The Central Paignton churches (Parish Church, Methodist Church, Palace Avenue, Salvation Army and Paignton Baptist Church) have felt that there should be some sort of continuation of the work, and after seeking advice from the Torquay Community Larder, it has been agreed to try to set up something similar for Paignton. This has now "gone live", so there is a great need for items such as tinned and dried goods to stock it. Donations can be placed in the large plastic box(es) in the vestibule at any time. 

Current (28 January) items of which the Community Larder is in particular need  are: Tinned tomatoes, Custard, Jam,  Rice pudding, Hot dogs, Meatballs, UHT Milk, Cereal, Tinned spaghetti, 

Easter Walk Through

The Minister, Revd. Stephen Coles, has produced an exciting project for Holy Week in April. This will involve the church being open for anyone who wants to to come in and experience the events of Holy Week and Easter by touring a series of exhibits representing the said events. Volunteers to steward the event, and also ideas for the exhibits are requested and should be forwarded to Stephen.