On 17 March further guidance was received from the government and the South West Baptist Association to the effect that church services are to  be regarded as meetings to be cancelled. Consequently ALL MEETINGS including mid-week ones ARE CANCELLED until further notice. Further information will be added to this website as it is received.

A new email and hard-copy sheet, "Keeping in Touch" is being circulated weekly. Those whose email addresses are in the Church Manual will receive it automatically. If you do not wish to receive it, please contact Mark Ryan. If you have email but have not received it, Mark will be pleased to supply it. Those not on the email circuit will be sent the sheet in physical form.

Complete services recorded by Stephen Coles and others for you to join in with at home are now available. Find this by going to Sermons where you will find the service for this Sunday. Click on the "play" arrow at the left end of the black strip.

The Boys' Brigade nationally have produced a range of things to do at home, "#BBatHOME". Parents have been sent an email by the Captain.

Churches Together in England have asked us all to light a candle in a window at 7 pm on Sunday. Be careful! Don't leave it unattended or anywhere near a curtain. You should assume that your candle will fall over!

As a church, we are anxious to mitigate the adverse effects of having to self-isolate. Anyone who feels they are in difficulty, either because of loneliness or otherwise, are urged to contact Stephen or Mark, or anyone you feel particularly comfortable in approaching.

 The Baptist Union and the South West Baptist Association have various resources available, which can be found by searching for them on the internet.


Paignton Community Larder

During the Coronavirus emergency, the needs of those in difficulty are likely to be even more urgent. So members and friends are urged to consider maintaining or increasing their donations. Those with church keys can, of course, drop items in when they want. Items will be delivered to the Larder first thing on Monday mornings, as before. Particular needs at present  (24 March) are: 

Tinned meat, Tinned tomatoes, Tinned meals, Tinned meat, Tinned fish, Tea, Coffee, Cereal, Jam, UHT milk, Cook-in sauce, Pasta 'n' sauce, Noodles, Squash, Rice pudding, Hot dogs, Instant noodles. 

BMS World Mission Birthday Scheme

This provides interested people with a birthday card, and an opportunity to celebrate their birthday by making a donation to BMS World Mission. Please contact Josie Butler for further information.